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Jeffries Group Ltd Overview – We have a proven multi-disciplined management team committed to rapid further development of the Jeffries Vintage Drinks brand and products, working with our blue chip (retail and distribution) partners who join us on our journey of continuous development.

Our BOTTLING plant has Safe and Local Supplier Approval (SALSA) and is Organic Food Federation accredited. This gives our customers a flexible, fast response to changing and seasonal customer demand removing stock voids.

Our SUGAR FREE products address the growing demand from governments to reduce sugar intake which has been well documented in the media and applies to both adults, teenagers and children.

Our RANGE covers all the current high demand tonics and sparkling soft drinks and we experiment with new variation of flavours to stay ‘ahead of the curve’ and broaden our markets. The Jeffries Vintage Drinks brand has provenance, Lee Jeffries one of our directors being the third generation actively involved in a business that started in a garden shed, being mixed, brewed and bottled in England.

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